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Current News:

Express! Matching Gift: Thanks to a generous donor (a long-time enthusiastic Scor! Camper!) who will match donations up to $2,000! You can double your gift when you help us launch Express!. See our Support page for details.

Invest with a Purpose: Consider a 2-Stage FlexNote investment. Stage 1 leaves your full principal invested for maximimum interest, & Stage 2 includes principal & interest payments to you. Click to learn more.

Thanks to FlexNote investors who "invested with a purpose" this past season. Your investments are key in completing each Scor! season well, and in making the further growth of Scor! and Express! programs a reality.

Scor! 2017: We're offering an exciting tour of 12 Scor! camps around the nation in 2017. Check out the latest at www.stringcamp.com, or if you don't already get our free e-newsletters, sign-up here.

See www.StringCamp.com for all the latest on Scor! String Camps for Adults.

Join our Scor! group on Facebook, & tell your Facebook Friends!

Scor! Expansion: The vision of making Scor! inspiration and learning accessible nationwide made massive strides this past season, seeing growth especially in the newer West Coast camps.

All Scor! camps can be seen at the Camps page of www.StringCamp.com

Founders Kyle & Beth Bultman are working with local teachers and organizations to develop thriving Scor! Camps in numerous cities. After roughly doubling the number of Scor! Camps offered in 2012 (albeit some with small enrollments), we've been pleased to see enrollments at those camps continue to grow every year since then. Contact us if you're interested in helping to volunteer to help expand opportunities for adult musical learning.

Organizational & structural improvements accomplished this season have been substantial (boring reading for some, but extremely important for Symerge's growth and effectiveness!):

  1. Via a new promotion & strategy, we added hundreds of people to our e-newsletter subscriber list, obtaining as many contacts in a few weeks as it took a decade previously to build.
  2. Event registration forms were greatly improved, making it easier to register, & more efficient and problem-free on the 'back-end'. These investments have already paid dividends in efficiency this season, and will continue into the future.
  3. We've harnassed the power of our cloud-based registration system to create automatice, timely, informative communications to our Scor! clients. Seven distinct & personalized emails went out automatically for each of our 12 camps... That's 84 groups of emails that aided clients, while not consuming additional staff time during our 5- -month road tour teaching at Scor! & Express events.
  4. Financial stability improved through substantially greater season-wide enrollment, increased business sponsorship, and FlexNote financing.
  5. Printing/data system for Scor! improved and further streamlined with a collaborating company Synkros Inc, enabling efficient, artistic, and personalized promotion of numerous events within only a few print/mailing runs.

The Symerge Creative Vision
Symerge is all about arts creativity. Encouraging it, equipping for it, training people in it, funding it, exploring it, "relevantizing it", and simply celebrating it. So many arts programs focus mostly on skill development and advancement. That's important, but it's not the whole picture.

At its core, art is expression. Effective expression communicates things, so our focus is on developing artists (musicians for starters) as effective and creative communicators--from the youngest to the oldest. The arts can get right to our hearts with an immediacy that our intellect can never match. That's what we're after, so we're jumping in to help spark a creative revolution.

Stay tuned, and we hope you'll join us along the way.

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