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FlexNote: Invest with a Purpose!

Do something new with your money! Invest with a purpose. Plus, you can use funds to pay for Scor! tuition, so it's kind of like a savings account for Scor!, on which you earn interest!

Featured! 2-Stage FlexNote Option: This unique 2-Stage investment enables maximum interest earnings on your funds. Of course, FlexNotes are flexible, so you can choose how long each stage lasts, your payment frequency, and your amount to invest.

  1. Stage 1: (interest only) you receive interest-only payments on your full amount invested. This maximizes interest by keeping your full investment earning interest.
  2. Stage 2: (re-payment stage), you receive payments that include both interest and principal.

2-Stage FlexNote Sale! Get .25% to .5% bonus interest on a 2-Stage FlexNote, for total interest earnings of up to 6.00%.

Email or call (1-877-726-7267) today to request a FlexNote. We've made it even easier to invest:

  1. Decide: Let us know how much you'll be investing ($1,000 increments), your desired term length, & payment frequency.
  2. Sign: You'll get an email with a FlexNote contract to review & sign electronically (we use bank-grade security through leading e-signature provider, DocuSign. No special account or software is needed).
  3. Send Funds: You'll get a second email containing a link from which you send your funds from a checking or savings account via a secure website (operated by Intuit).
  4. You're done! Simply look for your monthly checks to arrive, (or sign up for electronic payments) & enjoy the satisfaction that your money is working hard not only for you, and for a cause you care about!

Brief financial / programs update: Our 2015, 2016, and 2017 seasons have all set new enrollment and revenue records, with Scor! Tour camps seeing 23% enrollment growth (300 people), and selling out 4 Scor! Camps! Mid-way through 2017. Revenue in 2017 is up about 15%. You can be a part of making it all happen--invest with a purpose!

See rate details in the table below.

FlexNote Interest Rates:
Term Regular Rate 1-Stage Bonus Rate (Scor! Campers w/elec. xfer & pmts) 2-Stage Bonus Rate (Scor! Campers w/elec. xfer & pmts) Offer Expires:
6 month 4.00% 4.0% (no bonus) 4.0 (no bonus) within 45 days
1 year 4.25% 4.50% 4.75% of Scor! Camp...
2 years 4.5% 4.75% 5.00%  
3 years 5.0% 5.25% 5.50%  
4+ yrs 5.5% 5.75% 6.00%  
Note: Term for 2-Stage FlexNote denotes total length of both stages.

Invest with a purpose!

FlexNote,™ is a program by which you earn money and Symerge saves money. Loan your funds to Symerge, and receive a higher interest rate payment than bank savings accounts or CDs. Watch Symerge and your money grow and thrive together. Choose from terms ranging from 6 months through 4 years. Pick your payment frequency preference, including monthly, quarterly, or annually. The interest you earn is based on the term-length you select, typically ranging from 4.0%-5.5%.

FlexNote Gives you Flexibility to...

  • Invest your money: Earn competitive interest on the balance of
    your FlexNote.
  • Invest in your playing: If you’re a string player thinking of attending a Scor! event, you can convert funds from your FlexNote account to use toward your Scor! registration fees.
  • Invest in others: Convert the balance to a charitable gift to support
    Scor!, Express!, and other Symerge programs.

Learn more: (FlexNote .pdf documents to download)

FlexNote Info Booklet (learn all about FlexNote)

NEW: Sample 2-Stage FlexNote Agreement (Stage 1 is interest only, Stage 2 is repayment including principal & interest)

Sample FlexNote Agreement (find out what a 2-4 year FlexNote agreement contains)

Sample FlexNote Agreement (find out what a 6 month - 1 year FlexNote agreement contains)

Info & Sign-up Form (use this form to sign-up, or simply contact us)

Sample Payment Chart (for a $5,000, 4-year FlexNote with monthly payments)

Electronic Payment Sign-up Form (to opt for direct deposit into your bank account of FlexNote payments)

Conversion Form (If you already have a FlexNote, use this form to convert funds toward Scor! fees or to make a charitable gift. Or, simply contact us to request a form pre-filled and ready-to-sign)

Note re. Canadians: You are welcome to participate in FlexNote. Please be advised that invested funds must be in USD, and payments to you will be made in USD. Electronic payments are not available to Canada.