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Email Scor! at: Scor@StringCamp.com

Call Scor! Toll Free: 1.877.726.SCOR (7267)

Mail to Scor!: 67 Pembroke Street #1, Rochester NY 14620 (Please do not send a package without contacting us first.)

Website for Scor!: See www.StringCamp.com for more information about Scor! String Camps for Adults, or to sign up for our e-newsletters.

Express: Email Beth at Info@ExpressArts.org with questions about Express!

Call Express: 1-877-726-7267



Kyle Bultman, CEO

Beth Bultman, Program Director


Board of Directors:

Ken Abrams, Vice President

Kyle Bultman, President

Beth Bultman, Secretary

Barbara Hill, Member

Nancy Mack, Treasurer