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Arts Creativity Training

Express! Programs

Age & Audience:

PreSchool & grades K - 12
General Audience (school assembly) or Orchestra/String/Music Students
(See below for specific program recommendations)

Program lengths:

Options include 1-day events (1-3 assemblies), 2-3 day programs, or week-long residencies.

Program Topics:

  • Musical Teamwork**: Learn how music is constructed (melody & harmony), and how the roles we play together make great music.
  • Moody Music*: Explore music’s ability to produce and express emotion & mood, create pictures, and tell stories.
  • Improvise*: Connect with creativity – create music!
  • Fiddlin’ Fun: Experience fiddle style & expression. How is it different from classical music?
  • Unique Strings: Experience string instruments up close.
  • Oddly Groovin’: Learn to feel odd meters and meet the rhythmic challenges in contemporary styles.
  • Write Your Own Music: Everyone contributes to the final product.
  • Musical Careers: Explore musical career options awaiting today’s youth.

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Recommended Programs for your students:

PreSchool, Elementary, or Middle School General Audience (all students)

  • Recommended format: Assembly by age group. e.g. K-2, 3-5, 6-8
  • Recommended size: 50-300 kids at a time
  • Recommended Programs:
    • Musical Teamwork
    • Moody Music
    • Fiddlin’ Fun
    • Unique Strings
    • Oddly Groovin’

Elementary/Middle/High String Players:

  • Recommended format: During an existing orchestra rehearsal, or as a combined group
  • Recommended size: 20-70 kids at a time
  • Recommended programs:
    • Improvise: An introduction to improvisation, without connection to a specific style of music. No prior improvising experience necessary, & can be done at any level beginning-advanced.
    • Fiddlin’ Fun: Includes stylistic differences between fiddle music and classical music, and the chance to fiddle-ize tunes (Formerly called Fun, Fiddlin’, & Improv)
    • Oddly Groovin’: Learn to feel and play in odd meters.
    • Write Your Own Music: Create your class tune!

High School Music Students:

  • Recommended format: During an existing rehearsal, or as a combined group
  • Recommended size: 50-150 kids at a time
  • Recommended programs:
    • Musical Careers: Explore musical career options awaiting today’s youth.


    Left: Elementary school students experience a journey through musical moods.

    Schools Say:

    "The presentation was great quality and well thought-out. It was just what these students needed to balance their musical education!" –Asst. Fine Arts Director

    "The (unmusical) principal raved about you in our meetings this year!" –parent & string player

    For info on our presenters, please visit our Artists Page. For highlights of recent programs, please visit our Overview Page.

Express! brochure pictureAll programs are customizable for your unique school, students, or budget. Many can add collaboration with other art forms such as visual art, deisgn, or creative writing as desired. For more detailed program descriptions & options, download our brochure.

Contact Beth to receive a printed brochure, discuss a customized program, or learn more.



Pricing varies based on factors like length and number of programs, travel logistices, degree of customization, and other factors. Please contact Beth for a quote.


  • Travel Discount: We pass on the savings to you when our travels for Scor! (String Camps for Adults) take us right by your city.
  • Multiple Day Discount: Save when you book more than 1 day of programs.
  • Multiple Assembly Discount: Get each assembly for less when you book 2 or more.

Price Range (Approximate for 1-day events):

  • Single Assembly (40-50 minutes): $450 - $550
  • 2 Assemblies: $595 - $695
  • 3 Assemblies: $745 - $895

See a sample contract for an Express! Program.